Company History - Haewon ind co ltd korea (Manufacturer and supplier of Pistons, Piston Crowns and Cylinder Covers, etc.)

11.Mar. 1985: -  HAEWON INDUSTRIES was established and started to manufacture marine SEAL, O-RING


18.Jul. 1987: -  Changed address to NAMHANG -DONG 2GA YONGDO-GU ,PUSAN and expand business of hydraulic machine.


Nov. 1987: -  Set up to reseach the PISTON CROWN.


Sep. 1989: -  Developed the SEALING MOUNTING TOOL for marine F.O PUMP.


Oct. 1989: -  Nominated as the promise small and medium enterprise from the DAE-DUK INSTITUTE OF MACHINE RESEACH.


Jul. 1990: -  Developed the engine P-MAX(VIT) ACRUATOR.


Nov. 1990: -  Developed the research of PISTON CROWN and set up to construct the manufacturing plant.


Jun. 1991: -  Finished the manufacturing plant for the PISTON CROWN.


Feb. 1992: -  Developed the HYDRAURIC JACK.


1 Jul. 1992: -  HAEWON MACHINERY & ENGINEERING CO., LTD. was established for fine-machining of heavy items like Piston Crown, Piston Skirt, Cylinder Cover.


Oct. 1994: -  Nominated as technology-developed company from the Ministry of Trade and Industry & Energy.


Nov. 1997: -  Nominated as one of the VISION21' 500 leading companys from PUSAN Small and Medium Industry Promotion Corporation.


Dec. 2004: -  HAEWON SPECIAL FORGING was established for manufacturing forged raw material for Piston Crown, Cylinder Cover, Piston Rod and etc.


Haewon Machinery And Engineering Co. Ltd.

Manufacturer and supplier of Pistons, Piston Crowns and Cylinder Covers.

1612-4, Songjeong-dong, Gangseo-gu, Busan, South Korea.



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